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Welcome to Relax 4 You

I believe that anyone who practices reflexology as a paid job should have at least a basic understanding of how the body works and in what way our work will affect the person in front of us.

As a reflexologist and member of Association of Reflexologists (AoR)of many years, I constantly witness the confusion that exists in people’s minds about reflexology. Since most massage schools on this continent do not teach reflexology in-depth (or at all), it’s not surprising most practitioners are left thinking reflexology is simply the inclusion of applied static pressure during a massage on points of the feet or hands as indicated on a reflexology chart.

Being a professional reflexologist in UK, I was first certified and recognised as a reflexologist in UK in the year 1999 and for many years practised the ‘thumb-and-finger-walking’ procedures. I had mastered this special healing technique of mobile reflexology to perfection and that is what all prominent reflexologists the world over were performing. I discovered a myriad of massage techniques quite different from what I had learned. I have now acknowledged that scientific reflexology is an alternative healing therapy applied to a specific body part with the desired goal of positively affecting the entire organism.

Vania is freelance massage therapist ITEC – qualifield since 1999, reflexologist ITEC qualifield since 2012. She has been a licensed practitioner of bodywork since 1999.

She was trained and certified by the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) as an professional reflexologist.

During her professional education she attended the  courses of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and passed their main licensing programs.

 As an owner of Relax4you, she maintained an active clinical practice.

  • Vania is freelance massage therapist ITEC – qualifield since 1999, reflexologist ITEC qualifield since 2012.
  • Delivers a professional, individual service to your home in Sout-east London.
  • Available: Monday,Thursday,Friday and Saturday 10.00am to 6pm
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