Aromatherapy by Vanya

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative treatment using the natural or essential oils found in the flowers, bark, leaves, stems and roots plant life.

It is believed that these oils can impact the human psyche and physical body, in a positive and healing way. The use of essential oils for therapy is ancient, but the formal use of the term aromatherapy dates back to the early 1900’s, when European scientists, doctors and chemists first began using essential oils to treat ailments and injuries. It was Jean Valnet, a French surgeon who pioneered the medicinal use of essential oils during World War II.

The human olfactory system is powerful and sensitive. Aromatherapy is used to stimulate the limbic brain, which controls emotions and evokes memories. This stimulation can serve to relax the nervous system, which, along with massage therapy, can be a very effective way to achieve positive effects on a number of physical and psychological disorders.

Purely Massage only uses the purest of products to ensure you receive the full benefits of aromatic therapy. We purchase our products from a local company that uses all natural, organic ingredients.

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